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Travel conditions


Please familiarize yourself with the General Terms and Conditions: download pdf 




1. Registration is possible by phone, fax or internet through a tour operator in the country or directly at the tour operator's office.

2. The reservation is considered valid after a deposit of 30% of the price of the excursion and the presentation by the tourist of the necessary documents.

2.1. The remaining part is paid up to 5 working days before the departure date.

2.2. After non-compliance with the above conditions, your excursion is considered canceled and the Agency withholds the deposited deposit.

3. Visas.

3.1. For trips to countries for which visas are required for Bulgarian citizens, the tour operator will assist the user by providing him with the necessary documents (reservations, vouchers, tickets, etc.).

3.2. Issuing a visa for the respective country is the sole responsibility of the embassy of the respective country and is not guaranteed by the tour operator. In case of refusal by the embassy, the fees paid by the user for issuing the visa are not returned, as well as BGN 50 technical costs per tourist, if there are no other requirements. The amount of the fees and other expenses is indicated in any information about the relevant excursion for which the issuance of visas is required, according to Art. 28 of ZT.


Necessary documents :

1. Valid international passport - photocopy.

2. For persons under the age of 18, in case they are not traveling with both parents, a notarized parental declaration, which must be presented in original and a copy at the Bulgarian border when leaving the country.

3. For the implementation of some of the programs, it is necessary for the tourists to obtain a visa for the respective country. The cost of visas is not included in the price of the excursion. It is paid extra.


Prices and payment methods:

1. The prices for the excursions abroad are calculated according to the fixing of the BNB.

2. The agency reserves the right to change the price in case of an increase in the EUR/BGN exchange rate by more than 5%.

3. Entrance fees to museums are not included in the excursion prices.

4. An increase in the price is possible: in the event of a rise in fuel prices, a change in the amount of fees related to the trip, a change in exchange rates that occurred after the signing of the contract. The price change is calculated based on the fixing of the BNB euro/lev or dollar/lev established on the day of payment.

5. Hotel accommodation prices during fairs and special events may exceed the prices announced at the reception.



1. All excursions are carried out by bus, plane, train or ship (** / *** / ****). Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited on the tourist buses.



1. Accommodation in hotels is on a bed and breakfast basis /unless otherwise mentioned in the program/ in 2*/3*/4*/5* hotels in rooms with 2 and 3 beds with private bathroom /depending on the program.

2. If the tourist wishes to use a single room, he must notify the Agency in advance, paying an additional amount according to the different programs and number of nights before the start of the excursion.

3. Hotels accept tourists after 2 p.m., and rooms are vacated by 11 a.m.



1. The agency provides medical insurance that covers expenses in the event of an accident during the trip abroad. Insurance coverage is up to the minimum limit set by the countries being visited. The value of coverage is entered in the contract.


Contractual conditions:

1. The agency has the license №05276 required for tour operator activity.

2. The Agency undertakes to conduct the excursion to the indicated place in accordance with the previously announced program.

3. In case of objective circumstances beyond the Agency's control, the Agency has the right to make changes to the previously announced departure dates, travel route, tourist program and price of the excursion.

4. Objective circumstances under the previous point should be considered: force majeure of any kind, unforeseen accidents, fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters of any kind, strikes, administrative orders or other obstacles beyond the Agency's control that prevent performance of duties and.

5. Excursion prices are valid for groups of 30 tourists, for bus excursions. In the event that the minimum number of tourists for the trip is not collected, the Agency offers: an increase in the price of the excursion, a change in the excursion program, an alternative option for traveling along a similar route. In the event that the tourists do not agree with the proposed changes, the Agency undertakes to refund the full amount of the amount paid by the tourist for the relevant excursion.

6. In the event that, due to objective circumstances, the trip for which the tourist has signed up cannot be carried out, or in the event that a change in the date of the trip is necessary and the tourist refuses to participate in it, the Agency will refund the full amount of the amount paid by the tourist.

The organizer does not pay interest, compensation or penalties for travel that is not carried out.

7. The Agency is not responsible to the tourist in case of cancellation, delay or change of the terms and conditions of the trip, which do not depend on the Agency, namely:

7.1. Flight delays due to technical or meteorological reasons;

7.2. Cancellation or interruption of the trip due to personal circumstances of the tourist;

7.3. Loss or damage to luggage during travel;

7.4. Refusal of the authorized authorities to issue a visa to the tourist;

7.5. Refusal by the customs and border services for the tourist to leave Bulgaria or enter the country of travel due to lack of properly prepared documents or offenses committed.

8. The Agency is not responsible for non-performance or inaccurate performance of this contract if the reasons for this are due to:

8.1. The tourist;

8.2. Actions of a third party unrelated to the execution of the Agreement;

8.3. Force majeure or an event that cannot be foreseen or avoided by the Agency and its counterparties in the good faith performance of their obligations;

9. When traveling outside Bulgaria, the tourist is obliged to provide the necessary personal documents / foreign passport /, drawn up in accordance with the laws of the visited country and the Republic of Bulgaria.

10. Provided that minor tourists travel without or with only one of their parents (Guardians), the parent / parents / guardian / guardians who are not traveling should notarize a declaration certifying that they give their consent for their child to travels abroad, for which he will be responsible (indicate the names and necessary data of the person who undertakes this).

11. The tourist has the right up to 20 days before the date of the trip to transfer his rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party who meets all the requirements for the trip. In this case, both are jointly and severally liable to the Agency for the payment of the total cost of the trip and the transfer fee of BGN 50, unless otherwise stated. The third party declares on the contract that he accepts the transfer and fully agrees with the terms of the Contract and its annexes, as well as that he is familiar with the travel information before accepting the transfer.

12. The tourist undertakes to immediately pay the cost of all damages to the Agency, hotels, means of transport and to third parties caused by him or by minor companions traveling with him.

13. The tourist undertakes to comply with the laws of the countries visited, regardless of whether he is familiar with them or not. In the case of group trips, the Tourist undertakes not to stay longer than the duration of the excursion and to return to the Republic of Bulgaria together with the group he is traveling with.

14. The tourist undertakes to appear on time at the meeting points specified by the group leader. The tour guide does not wait for latecomers. All costs incurred by the Tourist due to late arrival or non-appearance at the meeting point and subsequent drop-off of the bus are entirely at the expense of the Tourist, regardless of the reason for the delay.

15. The tour guide is not obliged to wait for the Tourist in the event of police, customs or passport problems and does not owe the return of the sums paid by the latter or reimbursement of expenses incurred by the latter in this connection.

16. The term "free time" in the tourist program means that during this time the staff of the Agency and the bus do not serve the tourists.

17. The tour guide from the company does not have the right to take the group to the museums with paid admission, where only local authorized tour guides have this right, who can be engaged if the group wishes, for an additional fee.


Cancellation :

1. Cancellations are made in person at the office of the Tourist Agency, with the tourist submitting a request for cancellation of the trip in writing within the following terms and with the following penalties, regardless of the reasons:

1.1. Up to 1 month before the departure date, the deposited amount is refunded.

1.2. From 30 to 15 working days 50% of the deposit.

1.3. From 14 to 7 working days until the departure date - the full amount of the deposit.

1.4. Under 7 working days until the departure date - 100% of the price of the entire excursion.



1. The tour operator represents foreign travel agencies, hotels, transport companies and is not responsible for the quality of service in all cases beyond the Agency's control.

2. Complaints are made on the spot, in writing and in the presence of a representative of the relevant organization and must be signed by 50% of the tourists. The prepared protocol is provided to the Tour Operator within 3 days after the return to Bulgaria. After this period, complaints are not accepted. One month after this date, the Tour Operator must provide a written response regarding the complaint made.

3. In the event that the User has not submitted the claim in the described manner, his claims will be considered by the Tour Operator.
The user should not forget that the category of hotels and buses is determined by the authorized authorities in the respective country and not by the Tour Operator.
The agency is not responsible for:
1. The agency is not responsible for lost belongings or documents of the tourist.
2. The agency is not responsible and does not refund sums for trips not completed in whole or in part due to the client's non-appearance at the place and time specified for departure.
3. The Agency is not responsible if some tourist sites or museums included in the tourist program are on vacation or do not work on the day they are designated for viewing in the program.
4. The agency reserves the right to make changes for reasons beyond its control and is not responsible for tourists not admitted by the relevant border authorities.