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Travel conditions


1.Registration is possible by phone, fax or internet through a tour operator in the country or directly at the tour operator's  office.

2.The reservation is considered valid after a deposit of 30% of the price of the excursion and the presentation by the tourist of the necessary documents.

2.1. The remaining part is paid up to 5 working days before the departure date.

2.2. After non-compliance with the above conditions, your excursion is considered canceled and the Agency withholds the deposit.


3.1.For trips to countries for which visas are required for Bulgarian citiziens, the tour operator will assist the user by providing him with the necessary documents (reservations, vouchers, tickets, etc.)

3.2.Issuing a visa for the respective country is the sole responsibility of the embassy of the respective country and is not guaranteed by the tour operator. In case of refusal by the embassy, the fees paid by the user for issuing the visa are not returned, as well as BGN 50 technical costs per tourist, if there are no other requirements. The amount of the fees and other expenses is indicated in any informaton about the relevant excursion for which the issuance of visas is required, according to Art.28 of ZT.